Auto ApprovR

Get your campaigns approved automatically. No need to wait to be live.

Manual approval:

By default, campaigns are manually verified by Yeesshh team within a working day. Once we have approved your campaign, it goes live directly and you will start receiving traffic.

Each new URL need an approval.

During this manual verification, we make sure the settings of your campaigns are correct (bids, budget, targeting parameters) and also allocate adequate sources of traffic matching your campaign characteristics.


Once you get experience with Yeesshh and spent above $2,500 in accumulated, you can request to be in special status "Auto-approvR" allowing you to have your campaign launched and modified, without having us to verify all your settings.
When you are in "Auto-approvR" mode, your campaigns do not need (our) manual verification for being approved. It takes max 10 mins for your newly created campaigns to run.

Setup for Auto-approvR: 

Create "generic" campaigns, and ask us to review them: you are sure to benefit from correct sources of traffic:

  • "generic DESKTOP ALL" (traffic both mainstream and adult, allowing all kind campaigns)
  • "generic DESKTOP MAINSTREAM clean" (no downloads or other warring ads allowed)
  • "generic MOBILE ADULT" and "generic DESKTOP ADULT clean" (only in case you have adult clean campaigns )

How to use Auto-approvR

Do not create campaigns from scratch but duplicate the campaign you want similar traffic from, then insert your creative. All your targeting parameters remain available.- Please note those generic campaigns do not have countries associated, this is done at creative level when you create it.
When you need to launch a new campaign, simply "duplicate" the generic campaign we have reviewed. You simply need to fine tune your targeting (geographies, OS, Bid...). Once enabled, you will be live in minutes.
If the traffic you need is totally different from the one you normally use, and you are already in Auto-approvR mode, simply contact our support team, that will plug the traffic sources you need.