How to blacklist?

Blacklisting is excluding a feed, a domain, a keyword, IP from your campaigns.

Blacklisting or optimizing zones


This killer App will remove all non converting source from your traffic. It updates every 60 minute the blacklist to be done and works 24/7. You need to have a S2S tracking in place sending the information every time a conversion happens.

Once the number of clicks is reached, if no conversion was generated, then the SubID will be excluded from the traffic sources.

Important not: do NOT use "bid optimization" settings.

How many clicks to enter for blacklisting?

Start with the normal number of clicks you need to get a conversion (this comes from your history and knowledge). 
We recommend to exclude from your traffic any source that reaches 5 times this level and gets no conversion.


Let's say your average conversion rate is of 0.033%.
You normally need 3.000 Imps per conversion,
As a recommendation, you should put the blacklister at minimum 15.000 imps (five times your average): if a subid has accumulated 15.000 impressions, and generated no conversion at all, it will be taken out and blacklisted. But we can set up this minimum at whatever level you want...

You know how many impressions needs a conversion now!
Auto blacklister basically excludes any relevant subid (in term of traffic) that do not convert for you. It is fully automatic and you can change the parametre at any time. 


We strongly recommend you to blacklist the Pub subid instead of the whole feed (Traffic source). Within one feed there could be some Pub subid that convert well and others not at all. 

Go to Dashboard / Reports / Reports by Campaign and break down the campaign by "feed" (traffic source), clicking on the "+" button. ​Enter the feed / pub subid to blacklist



To identify the subID you should blacklist, check our post about optimization. Once you have identified the pubfeed.subid, edit your campaign on the campaign screen menu.



Scroll down to "TQ & Analytics", select what you want to do, and enter the all the pubfeed.subid (one per line) you need. For example, if the Pubfeed is [72179] and the Subid is [69641], you will have to enter it like that: [72179.69641]



Please note: you can leave the combo "blank", meaning you select to work without blacklist and without white-list.


You might also want to blacklist a specific keyword or a domain you don't want your pop to appear. In Keyword targeting, there is a mode called negative keyword. You can use that mode to blacklist domain (or a word) by putting the domain name as negative keyword.