Bot and fraud

100% of our traffic is bot free.

We update several time a day a massive list of sources to block and make sure this traffic will never reach you. In average, 40% of mobile traffic and 25% of desktop traffic is blocked before reaching you.

Blocked traffic includes:

- Syndicated list of sub ids that proved to never convert with our key clients. By default those Ids are removed from our sources for self Serve advertisers. 

- Global IP blacklist pools. These IP Blacklist pools represent active Bot Networks and Spam Networks. We cross check them to make sure we only block bot networks. Sources include reliable anti fraud companies like SapmHaus, SORBS, Barracuda, etc.

- IP blacklist validity can be checked in many places, like, that allows user to verify if an IP is valid or not (example:

- JS testing. Before sending you the impression we execute a JS controlling characteristics of it and block whatever looks suspicious.

Charge back

Shit happens, yes. Even fighting actively fraud, sometime, fraudsters beat us. In case you find fraud traffic, no worry, the bill is on us. Please refer to Charge back article to make sure we can refund you.