Create a Campaign in My.Yeesshh or MyDSP

Create your first campaign with Yeesshh!

Launching a campaign is like having a nice surf session. You always need to prepare it well before. This complete guide will help you to set up your first pop campaign and enjoy the ride til performance. Here is our recommended setup

1) Create Campaign:

Login and select menu Campaigns /create Campaign 

2) Enter campaign name

Enter the campaign name with geo (US, NL...)_device (Desktop, Andoid, mobile...)_ and type of traffic (Mainstream or Adult, Desktop or Mobile).

3) Enter the budget and CPV/Bid

Enter the default CPV  (Desktop is by 0.0015 CPV (1.5$ CPM Bid) and mobile about half of that, depending per geo and carriers. See here our live ratecard.

4) Select "ASAP" delivery

You can deliver evenly, but we recommend it for budgets above $1000 a day
Anything you enter can be modified later.


"Name": Better with geo, device and type of traffic (example: US_Mobile_Maintream_CampaignName)
"When do you want to start a campaign?": Immediately (by default, your campaign will start automatically once all set and activated, and run until told otherwise) You can define also a specific time frame for your campaign.
"Total Budget" : Optional, only if you want to set a maximum budget for your campaign.
"Daily Budget" : Optional. It is better to set a budget smoothing the amount of money you spend daily controlling the campaign spend.
"Default CPV" : Better to set a price by 1.5$ CPM Bid ( 0.0015$ CPV ). It will allow you to test the best traffic sources helping to optimize your bid on it (See Report and Optimization Guide). Default CPV is the default starting price of your bid per pop format on our network of publishers.
"How would you like to spend your daily budget" : ASAP (recommended, you will get a maximum amount of traffic in least amount of time). For big budgets (above $500 a day), your may consider “Evenly” to get your daily budget to be spend uniformly along the day.
"Daily Clicks / Views" : Leave it blank. As an option, if you want to set up a total daily limit of clicks on your campaign (/impressions on your site or landing page) then create a limit (example: 100.000).
"Clicks / views per IP" : 5 (recommended) It is how many times you want a user with the same IP to see your pop ad per day. 

5) Target the country / carrier of your campaign 

Select the country / Browser you want (Ad group targeting tab), or, in case of carrier billing, only the carrier / browser / OS you want. More on targetinghere (country, city, days, hours, OS, Browser, carrier). For carrier targeting, you will improve results and diminish discrepancies uploading the Ip ranges you want.
Excepted in specific cases, ignore the Keyword targeting

6) Setup your tracking parameters (optional):

Do not use bid optimization
Set the subId clicks for blacklisting to a high value (20.000)
Enter a new goal name to enable the tracking. Do not forget to inform your tracking platform of our global Postback and enter parameters accordingly.
Please refer to Campaign Optimization tutorial, targeting by domain and How to Blackist for additional info


7) Set up your Ad

Last, set up the Ad that will be displayed in the pop: "Pop Ads". You just need to enter your landing URL.

Your Url, with macros, should look like{pubfeed}_{subid}&clickid={conversion}


"Type": Pop (by default)

"Destination URL" (mandatory) : Add here the destination URL of your campaign.
Destination url should start with http/https. 

8) Add Funds 

Click on "add funds" on the top right of the screen. You can pay directly via paypal. You have also other payments options.

A member of our team will review your campaign and approve it if everything is fine. Once the campaign is approved, the campaign will go live.

Congratulations! You are all set!

You will now be able to see your campaign in the campaigns list, to see it just click on “Campaigns” in the Campaigns Menu.