What is Eureekkaa / Push notification

If you still haven’t started with Push Notifications yet, or you want to scale up your Push Notification campaigns, see here why Eureekkaa will make you save money.

What is a push notification?

Everybody speaks about it, and many get actually confused. Actually, this is the magic of it, as your ads are often blended with pure native ads. Basically a push notification is a format available mostly on Chrome, where you can push a message to a user.

Push Notifications are alerts that pop up on a smartphone or desktop screen and prompt the user to take an action, which is usually to visit a landing page.

The creative is like a native ads creative, and needs a combination of 2 elements (illustration + description) plus, of course, the destination URL in case of click on the notification.

You only pay if user clicks on the Push Notification.

What is the Eureekkaa budget optimization  ?

We decided to look for a solution to prevent losing money. After seeing the market flooded with push notification traffic and players on the market, optimization became slightly more difficult than usual. So that is how we ended up : creating a solution protecting us and our partners.

How does the Eureekkaa budget optimization work?

At Eureekkaa we optimize the rates by running a pool of performance campaigns on a sample of all the traffic to classify it and share the insights with you before you even start running your campaign. 

In order for your campaign to work properly you should start doing the following:

  • Separate your campaigns per geography
  • Set “Clicks per IP” to 5
  • Separate Mobile vs Desktop
  • Set up correctly your tracking. This is extremely important because our AMs could follow up and warn you where you lose money and what could be done. If you are losing money we lose money!  SO set up your goals correctly :)
  • Do a proper test, with a $50 to $100 budget, let's not go crazy for a budget of 5$. Let´s do a relevant test and discuss after that.
  • Once the basic stuff is done, go check the creative. How does the ad look?
    • Make it look like a real ¨message¨, try to catch the eye or the attention of the user. Remember, you are not alone and many more push advertisements are seen by users. You need to stand out! :)

    • Use logo/creatives that are recognizable
    • Size to use are 192x192 (for icons) and 300x300 (for images)
    • Add Icon & Image - like this you will have traffic from all sources requiring any of those Images.

Optimization insights: 

  • Start with RON campaigns. By RON we mean no specific publisher targeting. Your campaign will run everywhere, an d once you have some data, then you can go ahead and optimize.
  • Check the publisher feeds where your target CPA is above 1.5x the target value, and blacklist those. Optimize the rest and even further, you can proceed to whitelist the good sources on another campaign with higher, more competitive bids.
  • If you are a more advanced media buyer, you can also check inside a particular publisher feed, stats by subid (sub sources).
  • Recommendations so your campaign works: Test conversions with the conversions test feature before going live!

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