Create an advertisement in push.eureekkaa

How to create your push notifications advertisement

Create your advertisement on Eureekkaa

  • Enter your creatives
    • Icon: 192x192 pixels (ratio 1x1)
    • Image: ideal 360x240
      It is always better to also upload 720x480 as it will open traffic to publishers only accepting large images. For desktop push campaign, always use a 720x480 image.
      images size should never exceed 150Kb.

    • Short title (brand) max 20 char

    • Description (headline) max 25 char

  • Enter your URL

    • You can add the macros you need in your destination URL. 

    • Implement the tracking so the platform will help you optimize better:  A) add the conversion parametre B)set up a goal, and C) use our posback URL.

    Type of campaigns accepted

      No porn creative: the notification image cannot be pornographic.
      No scare-ware creative (you know the "you have a virus" type of ads) 

      Top geos

      Best is always Euro+US/CA. We have many countries available, but all are not opened, just tell when you need a new Geo opened and we'll open it.

      Top Verticals

      Here is some feed back for our customers: Crypto, dating, Sweeps, wherever: Great!

      E-commerce good in MENA markets.

      Nutra doing great, especialy in South east Asia, Latam and Mena markets.

      What's different with Pops?

      The setup of your campaign is slightly different:

      • Ads must have a title+description
      • Ads must have an image+icon
      • No adult ads at the notification level
      • No hardcore aggressive ads

      Extra help link here