Create a campaign in push.eureekkaa

How to create your campaign for push notifications

Create a campaign

Create a campaign

Enter your budget, indicative default CPC here.
Better to start "ASAP" and put a "5" clicks per IP.
Select your Geo, adapt eventually the CPC per Geo. 
Remove Bid optimization and, important: enter a "goal name" to make sure tracking is activated

Create your advertisement

  • Enter your creatives
    • Icon image: 192x192 pixels (ratio 1x1)
    • Big image: Mobile 420x315 pixels, ratio=1.5x1 / Desktop 345x150 pixels, ratio 1.5x1)
      Note: you must enter a “big image” 360x240 (otherwise you'll get less traffic)
    • Short title (brand) max 20 char
    • Description (headline) max 25 char
  • Enter your URL