How does it work?

It's super simple (and technically complex, but who cares?):

1. When a user visits a web site and a Pop opens, Your are consulted by the web master to see if you have an effective advertisement to show.

2. You offer a price depending on the parameters you entered (bid).

3. Publisher decides to grant you the pop placement if interesting for him.

4. If you win the bid, the ad is displayed.

All that happens in less than 20 Ms, and of course, is managed automatically by algorithm.

Disclosure: We inform the publisher about which advertiser showed the ad. And as an advertiser, you get full disclosure of the website or app where the ad is been displayed.

Publishers: You call us, via XML or open RTB, or a smart-link, when you want an advertisement. We return you an advertisement and a price for it. You know live the income you make. You can select the type of advertisers you want or not.

Advertisers: You give us a landing page, where you want to receive traffic, with a live conversion tracker, and send your pre-payment. Once received, we approve your LP, and give you an idea on where you will be published, eventually, you adjust it.