Why is my campaign paused or not receiving traffic?

There are several factors that can lead to your campaign not receiving traffic, depending on campaign filters or daily spend

If you receive ZERO traffic, please make sure to check the following (if you receive some traffic, check "low traffic" FAQ)

1) Do you have funds in your account? If not - do a top up.

2) You spent all your budget (check at campaign AND advertiser level). Have you set up a total or daily cap for maximum spend or impressions? Solution: Increase or remove budget or cap.

3) Are you bidding enough? Solution: check the bid simulator for mobile and desktop and adjust accordingly. 

4) Check your filters - are they incompatible or too restrictive? For example - choosing Desktop traffic with only Android OS will lead to zero traffic.

5) Your end date / time has expired (at campaign or creative level)

6) Your are not enabled. Check at Campaign level AND at creative level that both are "enabled" or have not been paused.

7) Specific settings like domain/ keyword bidding or whitelisting may result in significant traffic decrease (you target keywords or URL we do not have).

6) Make sure your campaign has spent more than $1 during the last 7 days. Our system automatically blocks all campaigns with less than 1$ spent. Check with your AM how to activate it back.