What payment options are available ?

We improved our paying systems so you work the way you prefer and load funds at any time any day!

Automated payments

You can top up your account with an amount as little as minimum $100.  
We accept PayPal  (up to $1.000), 3DS Credit Cards, Capitalist, Bitcoin or Paxum.

Once logged in the platform, click on "add funds" menu (top right of the screen) and follow instructions. A few minutes later, your account will be credited with the money received, and you can continue buying traffic. 

For PayPal, Funds may be retained until you sign a new IO if the PayPal mail account you use is different from the one you used to open the account on the platform. Check your PayPal email where we send in this case a new IO. More here.

Manual payment

Simply request us an invoice and you will receive it with all our payment instructions. You can then wire us (min $1,000 wire) or ask a direct debit ($1,000 to $5,000 payments) from the invoice itself. Different fees may apply. 

Count a couple of days for the funds to be received by us. Then your account will be credited.


Fees may apply (see here)


In some cases, VAT may be retained from your payment (see VAT)

See more in minimum budget, ​declined payments, Invoices and more.