Our global post back URL:

Depending on ad unit and self serve used, you will use different post back...

Push notifications

Eureekkaa: https://xml.eureekkaa.com/conversion?c={click_id}&value={value}

Pops / Interstitial

My.yeesshh: https://xml.yeesshh.com/conversion?c={click_id}&value={value}

MyDSP.yeesshh: https://mydsp.yeesshh.com/conversion/?c={click_id}&value={value}


{value} is not a mandatory field (if you ignore it, we will count conversions but will not be able to give you recommended bid to buy more traffic).

Beware, you must activate "goal" in your campaign setting so the tracking is made active. See here how to set up a goal.

For macros to set up tracking, see our post on the importance of performance tracking. It explains also how to integrate with key trackers of the market (Voluum, Landing Track...).