Reports for Publishers

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The data that interest is the "verified" data. Because it is published after 24 hours, you can see also "Gross data" that is an estimation of the revenue generated before any verification

Concepts presented in Reports

Feeds = web site where the code is present

Requests / Impressions / Clicks: Those numbers are very closed for a JS publisher.

  • Requests are the number of impressions offered to advertisers
  • Impression: to ignore 
  • Clicks is number of advertisement purchased by advertiser 
  • Verified clicks is number of advertisement to be paid

By Date, By Source and By Country.

Each report includes a Drill Down Menu /Actions/ simply pressing the plus (+)


In each report you canADD/REMOVE COLUMNS,simply by clicking on "Columns" button, then check the column you need.


Each report has an option where you can select your ownDimensions:


Each report can be export it inCSV file or API.