Referral program

Help us, we help you with the Referral program of Yeesshh. Get 3% of any business you bring us , and, for push, get an extra $50 for every new contact brought

How much money will I make?

  • Bring us a friend, get 3% of his revenue, as long as you referred partner spends over $500 a day.
  • If your friend opens an account on Eureekkaa, you get $50 into your account ones he spent his first top up.

How to set it up?

You bring us some of your friend. Grab the referral link on the platform, pass it to your friend. The money he spends makes a commission to you.

  • Oops, if you are an advertiser and brings a publisher, you need to open a Publisher account first, grab your referral link, and pass it to your publisher friend.
  • Oops, oops, if you are a Publisher and brings a new advertiser to Yeesshh, you need to open an advertiser account first, grab your referral link, and pass it to your advertiser friend.

Any limitations?

No. You friend can spend as much as he can, you will your get your cut.

Now, if your friend was already working with Yeesshh, before you referred him, we will not pay you any commission. Same for bad payers, if you friend claims a charge back, that amount is deducted from the % we owe you. Normal, no?