Request to with the subject "REFUND" and your account ID. We will make a refund in up to 5 working days.

Conditions to get your refund:

  • You can get refund if your unused balance is over $90. No refund will be possible if your balance is below $90.
  • Refund is subjected to a processing fee of $50.
  • Your account must have been active (live traffic or made top-up) in the last 18 months. Otherwise, after 18 months of inactivity, your account is closed and funds withheld.
  • The email adress used for asking the refund must be the email used to make the payment: no refund can be accepted if email requiring is not the email that did the payment.

Please note:

Yeesshh is a CPV platform, not a performance platform: you buy clicks under your own responsibility and we will not refund you in case of lack of performance.

In case you ask a refund to your PayPal or your credit card (instead of us), your account will be immediately suspended and no more payment via PayPal or Credit Card will be accepted from you, In case you want to work again with us, ask us an invoice first, send us payment via wire or Bitcoin, and we will re-activate your account once receiving funds.  Please note that if you use a banned account PayPal address to add funds to a new account, you will not be entitled to a refund and that newly created account will be banned too.

For any more inquiries, you can directly send an email to with the subject "REFUND"