Who are your publishers? Traffic sources

100% of our traffic is Pop (desktop) and interstitial (Mobile). 

We mostly work with direct publisher. They are web site, apps, tech providers (extensions, adware) or niche networks (park domain, blogs). Adding new ones everyday, and removing bad traffic sources.

​Lately, private marketplaces like ours started to appear. We are very selective and work with them only when they increase our reach. Here, everything is about infrastructure and speed. and we are good at that. So you can access, through us, to virtually all the traffic out there. And because our demand is strong, we have strong relationships with our partners.

​Advertiser feed back is that we have good traffic making them perform well in plenty of geos. Everything flows really well, and we surf the ecosystem pretty smoothly actually.

We have a lot of partnerships with many different publishers (actually more than 60 publishers work with us) and thanks to their work, we are able to deliver more than 5 billion impression on a daily basis...not bad right ?