VAT management

If you belong to a European country, here is how to save the VAT tax

The law obliges us to collect VAT from your payment if you are a legal business registered to a European country. Good news, here is how to get credit in the platform, and wave that tax:

Did you enter a European country by mistake (during registration) ?

Easy, just write us an email at giving us your corrected address. If your country is not a European one, we will credit back the VAT to your account.

You are an established business in Europe?

Easy, just fill in that form. We will credit back the vat to your account.

You operate from Europe with no business registration?

Too bad, we cannot do anything for you. Government obliges us to collect VAT for them.

As you are purchasing our services as a sole trader or for personal purposes, we are sorry, VAT collection must be charged from your top-ups based on your country Tax % charge.

You are an established Irish Business?

Good news and bad news. Bad news first, we cannot credit back your VAT. Good news, You will collect back this VAT from the irish authorities. Simply keep Yeesshh invoice to claim that VAT back.