How to integrate Voluum with Yeesshh

Here is a full instruction on how to set from Voluum platform (download it)

In Voluum platform:

  • New traffic sources > advance parameters > source= {pubfeed}_{subid} and clickid={conversion}.
    The Voluum URL will now appear as{conversion}&source={pubfeed}_{subid}
  • Enter in the Voluum "Traffic source post back URL" the yeesshh global postback url. Postback URL must appear as{clickid}&value={value}

In Yeesshh platform:

  • Create your campaign ("Campaign" > create > enter details )
  • In the creative destination field paste the Voluum campaign URL > submit
  • Set up a Goal: "TQ & Analytics" tab > "Conversion Tracking" > Enter any name you want in "Enter goal name" (and leave "conversion value" to 1). 

From now on, the value sent in your post-back will appear in Yeesshh system as a "Goal", and we can optimize bids.  A "Goal" is basically the target CPA or CPI or value per conversion you want to reach.