What can I target?

Anything you want: Mainstream, Adult, country, city, zip code, scheduling, keyword, carriers, browser, devices, etc.

When creating your campaign, enter in your campaign name the type of traffic you want (adult or mainstream) so we assign correct traffic to it. 

Then, detail your targeting variables from Dashboard / Campaigns / Edit:


Scroll down in your campaign an click on desired targeting parametre

1) Location, days, time (adgroup targeting)

Geos : Un select “Locations” and then multi-select one or various country / city / region / zip code in the list.
Time : system is based on Pacific Time, 24 hours.

2) Carriers, WiFi / cellular, device, browser, OS. etc

Are accessible via the blue "show..." button with the Ad group targeting

Carrier : select whatever you want.

    • If you want it in one geo, select also that geo. If you want 2 carriers in 2 geos, then create a campaign per geo, and select carrier you want.
    • Please note Carrier targeting is always more accurate if you upload the list of IPs you wanna target, else you rely on our Carrier identification database, that may differ from others, and this can introduce discrepancies.

Browser Selection :

    • When whole browser bunch is selected then it means all browser versions are allowed.
    • If browser Chrome version cannot be defined, or if version is non-existing, then such traffic is allowed but displayed in reports under “Chrome 0”. All latest browsers (like Chrome 60) are also placed under 0 now as we can't define them yet. To avoid this browser version, remove “Chrome 0”.

3) Keywords

We strongly recommend to leave "Ron" selected as it will open your campaign to all our sources of traffic. Then you will be able to target a specific source or to apply another kind of targeting knowing which one perform better for your campaign.

- broad (trigger your ad to show whenever someone searches for that phrase, similar phrases, singular or plural forms, misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations),
 - phrase (allows your ad to show only when someone's search includes the exact phrase of your keyword, or close variations of the exact phrase of your keyword, with additional words before or after)
 - exact (only want your ad to show up for a specific word or phrase).

4) Domain / Referer and Category targeting

Go in "TQ and Analytics" to select the domain list you want. You can add yours, or select from the list included bellow (in search panel). Please note "referrer" targeting can be very restrictive and limit the traffic a lot. An alternative is to log via old user interface (same credentials, but via https://login.yeesshh.com/advertiser/login), and use exclusively the "domain" tab targeting at the offer level. That will bring you extra traffic.

5) IP targeting

Go in "TQ and Analytics" to select the IP list you want.

6) Traffic source targeting

Go in "TQ and Analytics" to select the traffic source you want. It is called Publisher feed" and appear with its respective ID.
Please look on how to blacklist.
See also here how to create a campaign and how to enter other variables to be live faster.