Payment to Publishers

Yeesshh publishers are paid as per Yeesshh Stats, net 30, with correct bill received from you, and with a minimum threshold of $250

Payment processing date

We always pay our publishers before due date. Payment run happen on last Thursday of the month. 

By default, we pay net 30 (example: January traffic paid before end February)

If have not received a due payment

  • Did you send your bill to us? 
    We pay bills, as long as you sent it to us. No money will be paid if we do not receive your bill
  • When did you send your bill?
    If you send your bill less than a 10 days before due date, it will be passed to following month pay run.
  • Has your bill the mandatory information?
    Bills need to contain the following mandatory information. If your bill do not mention one of them, we return it to you. You need to resubmit it once corrected, and it will enter in the payment schedule.
    • About Yeesshh: Our Company name, address and VAT number
    • About You:  Your Company name and address, your Country
    • In case you belong to E.U., your VAT number 
  • Do we owe you less than $250?
    Please note we make payments only for amounts above $250. In case your bill is bellow that, it will be paid once the accumulated money we owe you overpasses this threshold.

Financial fees

We take care of our financial fees, so please take care of yours. In case an intermediary bank is needed, costs are shared.

Who to address bills to?

Simply send your bill to No need to copy anybody else.