Fee on payment vary depending of what you pay with.

Net traffic credit is your payment once deducted the fees (and eventually VAT):

  • 3DS Credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Paxum: 5%. 
    For payment above $500 fee is: 8%.
    Max payment accepted on PayPal is limited to $1.000.
  • Direct debit mandate via GoCardless: mandate is subject to transfer fee depending on your local bank country and amount of charge. Check out for payment threshold and ask for this method via email to admin@yeesshh.com.
  • Wire
    There will be an admin fee of 1% of the net amount transferred.
    SEPA Eurozone: zero fees to receive funds but bear in mind that our platforms work in USD, any payment received in EUR, will be converted into USD.

    EUR or USD international transfers.

    We only grant NET amount received in our bank as funds to be a credit in your balance.

    Please note that our bank accounts are based in Europe, if you are interested to send international wire transfer in USD from outside European community, the intermediary bank fees tend to be high up to $70, depending on sender's bank and intermediary banks involved. See more about wire transfer fees

See also: Invoices, Refund and more.