What is the optimal bid level?


How to adjust bid:

Adjusting your bids make you gain traffic and be more competitive. To find if your bid is correct, check the "position" parameter (see more on "Campaign Optimization" tutorial). It should be inferior to 1,01.

To adjust bid by source, edit your campaign / TQ Analytics tab / Show publisher feeds/enter your bid adjustment. You can also adjust bid by subID via API, or with the assistance of an account manager.

Setup correct tracking parametre:

Powerful bid adjustments are obtained once your campaign is tracked correctly AND you have activated the Goal management. 

Now, your stats show you a Key variable: the EPC (Bid you could have made to gain more traffic, being profitable): ​For example, let's say your campaign has a conversion value of $2.
Let's say you bid at CPC=$0.001 and bought 1.000 impressions ($1 spent) on one source that generated one conversion. Then your EPC is calculated at 0.002.
So next time you buy traffic you will get 1000 imps faster, spending 2usd and reaching your target conversion value.
Well, what you need to do, is to adjust your CPC to your EPC, as it will allow buying traffic according to its profitability for you.
Same applies on the other side, if you bid too high, then lower your CPC to the EPC level.
You should do this especially by subID

Note: You can set up "autobid" so this functionality is applied automatically. But be careful, and optimizer sometimes can lead you into the wall, so do put a limit on your campaign ($500 to $600, no less) and see how it behaves.