Recommended campaign setup

Log into:

My.Yeesshh, Menu Campaigns /create Campaign

Campaign info:

  • Name: Enter name with geo (US, NL...)_device (Desktop, Andoid, mobile...)_ and type of traffic (mainstream or adult)
  • "Start immediately"

Campaign budget:

  • Total budget = leave blank. Or put a higher value, experience shows best test is with minimum $120 budget across 3 days.
  • Daily budget =$50 as a minimum (approx 40.000 imps a day))
  • Default CPV = Find your recommended bid here for desktop or here for mobile, and let it run for 3 days.
  • Select "ASAP"
  • Then you have sufficient volume to see what works or not, and what need to be adjusted.

Campaign limits:

  • Do not enter daily views
  • Views per IP = 5

Ad group targeting:  

  • Locations: Do not select any location if you do carrier targeting (Mobile traffic), best is to upload the list of IPs you need, and do not target country or carriers.
  • OS, User agents, carriers: If you do not have IP list for carrier targeting (mobile), select carrier from list we suggest.


  • Just ignore.

TQ & Analytics: 

  • Conversion tracking:
    • Do not use "Bid Optimization"
    • We strongly recommend you to setup a S2S tracking and use the autoblacklister,  so all badly performing sources will be automatically excluded.
  • Domain list: Ignore
  • IP list: if have lists, strongly recommended
  • Feed list / Publisher feeds / Google analytics : Ignore

Add your URL: 

  • URL is entered from menu Campaign / Creative
  • Destination URL ={pubfeed}_{subid}
    We strongly recommend you setup a tracking, so you can monitor live what sources are profitable and which must be blocked by our autoblacklister

Add funds

  • Button is on top right of your screen
  • See here our payment options