How do I setup a goal?

You need to set up a "goal" when you use DSP or Eureekkaa. You can ignore this page when you use myDSP platform.

DSP or Eureekka platforms:

Dashboard / Campaign / Edit / TQ & Analytics / Scroll down to Conversion Tracking



Enter any name you want in "Enter goal name" (and leave "cost per value" to 1). 

From now on, your campaign will count all the conversions, and sources that do not convert will be avoided.
If you send a $ value in your post-back*, it will also appear in Yeesshh system as a "Goal", and we can optimize bids.  A "Goal" is basically the target CPA or CPI or value per conversion you want to reach.

For example: you have a dating campaign and you are looking for $2 leads then just set &value=2 in the post-backURL.

You can now bid at optimal level and adjust your bids on the go. You can also activate the auto bidder to have prices adjusted automatically.

*Conversion payouts can be only passed in postback URLs such as: http://{domain}/conversion?id=123123&c={conversion}&value={value}, meaning sending us for example: http://{domain}/conversion?id=123123&c=ABC&value=2
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